Android 13 DP1 updates Privacy dashboard with optional longer data retention

Last year’s release of Android 12 included a new Privacy dashboard, which compiled all permissions requests from all the apps on your device into a readable format. Android 13 is on the way, and even though there aren’t many changes in the first Developer Preview, one of them might make the Privacy dashboard even more helpful.

The Privacy dashboard in Android 12 maintains a log of all permissions requests by applications for 24 hours, but as Esper highlighted in a blog post, Android 13 Developer Preview 1 is testing a new “show 7 days” menu option that retains data for a full week. The feature is not enabled by default, but if Google decides to release it, the functionality could potentially arrive on Android 12 too — thanks to the PermissionController Project Mainline module.

The existing Privacy dashboard displays a timeline of when apps access your device’s camera, microphone, device location, and other permissions. It’s available on all phones and tablets running Android 12, but app developer Rushikesh Kamewar created a clone last year that provides similar functionality (using system accessibility features) on any device with Android 7 or higher.

Android 13 Developer Preview 1 also includes new privacy features (such as an updated photo picker and new Wi-Fi permission), themed icons, language controls, and updated developer tools. Other changes not officially announced by Google have also been discovered, including changed haptics behavior in Silent mode, a clipboard auto-clear feature, updates to the Pixel Launcher on Google Pixel phones, updated media controls, new quick settings tiles, and more. More new features and changes will likely appear over the coming months as Google rolls out new Developer Previews and Beta releases.

Google expects a stable release of Android 13 to be ready sometime in July, with a full release arriving after that. Check out our coverage of Android 13 Developer Preview 1 for more information.