Android 13 will disable all haptics in Silent mode

Google recently dropped the first Android 13 developer preview release for its Pixel devices. We’ve already talked about some of the new features and changes coming in the next big Android upgrade in our original coverage, but Android 13 DP1 has a lot more to offer. A closer look at the build has revealed a few features that Google didn’t mention in its announcement post, including a Gboard-like clipboard auto clear feature, a Camera Obfuscator app, and two new home screen layouts for the Pixel Launcher. But that’s not all. Android 13 DP1 also includes a change that disables all haptics in silent mode.

For the unaware, Android currently doesn’t completely disable haptics when you switch to Silent mode. While the haptics for incoming calls and messages are disabled, those for interactions, like gesture navigation, button presses, etc., continue to work. But that changes with Android 13. If you switch to Silent mode on Android 13 DP1, all haptics (including those for interactions) are disabled (via Esper ).

Interestingly, the “Vibration haptics” setting is grayed out when you switch to Silent mode on Android 12L. It also shows a warning that says, “vibration haptics are unavailable because [the] phone is set to silent.” However, haptics for interactions continue to work in the Silent mode. This changes in Android 13, though, and all haptics are disabled as soon as you turn on Silent mode. This is a minor yet welcome change that will help users avoid all distractions in silent mode. It’s a handy option for those who like to use their phones in the dead of night when even the slightest vibrations can cause a disturbance.

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