Armed raider who sprayed workers in face with ammonia jailed

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Graham Wise targeted two employees at the Post Office in Alloa

An armed robber who sprayed two Post Office workers in the face with ammonia has been jailed for six years and four months.

Graham Wise, 41, left a woman blind in one eye and her colleague with blurred vision after the attack in Alloa.

A court heard Wise then robbed a shop at knifepoint in Stirling two days after the incident.

Wise admitted committing the offences at both locations during a hearing at the High Court in Edinburgh.

The first incident took place at the Post Office in Mill Road, Alloa on 23 January.

Blurred vision

Advocate depute Jane Farquharson QC said Wise asked the staff members what time the post office closed, before returning wearing a beanie hat and a scarf partially covering his face.

He demanded money from one of the employees, who initially thought it was a “prank.”

Miss Farquharson said: “However, the accused repeated the comment and then sprayed her in the face with a substance from a lemon-shaped squeezy bottle.

“The substance caused her eyes to sting and blurred her vision.”

Wise then sprayed the other worker with the subtance, which mostly struck his chest but also splashed the side of his face and eyes, causing his vision to become partially blurred.

Miss Farquharson said the female employee was diagnosed with a stem cell injury to the eye and was treated with antibiotics and steroids.

She said: “She has regained her central vision but still has some peripheral blurring.”

The lemon-shaped bottle was found in the post office and its contents forensically examined and identified as ammonia.

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Wise also robbed the Riverside Mini-Market in Stirling

Two days later, Wise struck again at the Riverside Mini Market in Stirling’s Abbey Road.

Wise threatened a female employee with a knife, before stealing £794.

Defence counsel Drew McKenzie said Wise had long-standing drink and drug problems.

He said: “He indicated that in the cold light of day in prison he recognises that what he did was appalling and is disgusted by his actions.”

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