| EXPLAINER: What you need to catch a domestic flight under lockdown Level 3

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You would need to fill to go through an application process to get a domestic flight under Level 3.

You would need to fill to go through an application process to get a domestic flight under Level 3.

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  • Major airlines such as Mango and FlySafair are charting domestic flights again from Monday under lockdown Level 3. 
  • Stringent documentation requirements for reason for travel has meant that a number of passengers have been unable to fly. 
  • News24 spoke to Acsa and FlySafair about what’s required for people to fly domestically.  

A number of domestic airlines took flight from Monday, including Mango and FlySafair, after the South African government permitted domestic air travel for specific reasons under lockdown Level 3. 

The stringent documentation requirements, and reasons for travel have however resulted in a number of passengers being turned away, FlySafair spokesperson Kirby Gordon told News24. 

Under lockdown Level 3, domestic air travel is only permitted for business reasons, moving to a new place of residence, caring for an immediate family member, pupils or students traveling to their institutions, or those attending a funeral, among others. 

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Acsa’s Gopolang Peme explained that passengers without the required documentation would not be allowed to enter an airport terminal building, regardless of whether they have already booked a ticket.

Acsa operates nine of South Africa’s airports, including Cape Town International and OR Tambo International. 

“The onus is on the passenger to ensure that they are compliant before booking a flight,” Peme said. The Department of Transport was unable to respond to a request for comment. 

Here’s what you need to catch a domestic flight under lockdown level 3: 

What will you need to travel domestically for business reasons? 

Peme said if an individual is travelling for business purposes, a signed letter from your employer is required. The letter must be the original copy of the letter, and can therefore not be photocopied. 

FlySafair created a form that passengers and employers can fill in to generate a business letter with all the necessary details.

Peme said the form must still be signed and stamped by the employer.  If someone is self-employed, the same or an affidavit is required.

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Do you need an essential services permit to fly? 

Peme said if an individual is not flying for business purposes, and does not have a letter from their employer, they will need an essential services permit or a SAPS-approved affidavit.

What do you need if you want to take care of a sick family member in another province? 

Peme said people who wish to cross provincial borders will need to complete Form 6 of the disaster regulations.

Form 6 requires an affidavit, or an affidavit with a doctor’s letter depending on the reason for travel. 

What do you need if you want to move residences? 

Gordon explained that form 6 is a very basic affidavit and should be used if anyone is travelling to take care of someone ill, or moving residence in a different province. 

“In either case you need to insert the appropriate information and then have that certified at a police station or magistrate’s court,” he said. 

What do you need for students or pupils to fly?  

Gordon says disaster regulations form 3A and 3B would need to be completed for anyone wishing to fly to a school or institution.  

Do the documents have to be certified? 

Gordon said the business letter for business travel does not need to be certified, but pretty much all others need to be certified or rather require “sworn affidavits” which can be done at a police station or at a magistrate’s court.

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