| Jordan Henderson: I’m more worried about my language

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Jordan Henderson (Getty Images)

Jordan Henderson (Getty Images)

Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson admits he and manager
Jurgen Klopp will have to watch their language when football returns this week.

With matched to be played behind-closed-doors for the
foreseeable future, football on TV will sound very different, with viewers
likely to be able to hear a lot more of what the players shout on the pitch.

And Henderson admits he will have to be careful not to
swear, joking that he would otherwise have to issue a public apology after
every game, claiming Klopp should mind his language too.

“For the players, it will be different playing in a big game
in a stadium where there’s no crowd because you can hear everybody talking.
Again, we’ve got to adapt to that situation and try to keep the swearing down
to a minimum,” Henderson told the Liverpool FC Magazine.

“I’m more worried about my language when I’m playing! I
don’t want to be having to apologise to everybody after every single game, so I
need to be careful, especially in the heat of the game.

“I’m sure the manager will have to be careful with his
language as well! But he’ll also know we can’t blame the crowd for not being
able to hear what he’s saying at certain times of the game.”

Liverpool will be crowned champions for the first time in 30
years if Manchester City lose to Arsenal on Wednesday and the Reds win their
Merseyside derby against Everton at Goodison Park on Sunday.

“When you were little and you used to play for your school
there was no crowd watching then really, so you’ve just got to enjoy your
football and appreciate that we are able to go back doing what we love doing,” Henderson said.

“If we do manage to do our job properly and we do manage to
get over the line and win the league then that would be amazing.”

– TEAMtalk media

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