PureVPN Introduces WireGuard Protocol for their Fastest Speeds Ever

One of the best VPN solutions just got even better, with the implementation of a protocol that will drastically improve your speeds. On December 8 of 2021, PureVPN switched to the WireGuard protocol to minimize speed degradation, making your internet traffic faster and more secure than ever. The new WireGuard protocol is now available on PureVPN’s Windows and Android apps.

We have previously covered PureVPN for their fantastic audit results when it comes to privacy. Now there’s even more reason to love PureVPN and consider it as your next privacy solution. Choose a service that is secure, fast, affordable, and compatible with just about any type of device. Right now you can get PureVPN for 82% off when you choose the 24-month plan.

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Faster Speeds with WireGuard

The relatively new protocol called WireGuard has many different advantages over previous systems. It is far leaner in comparison with only 4,000 lines of open source code. It is designed to provide speeds that are faster than other solutions like OpenVPN and IPSec. Along with the improved speeds, better security is available as well, which is one of the most important aspects of a good VPN.

Tests conducted by PureVPN show that the new protocol results in less than 10% degradation to your internet speed when your traffic is being routed through their VPN, while other protocols will typically have a speed degradation of 30-50%. This impressive achievement is due to modern cryptographic standards, such as perfect forward secrecy, allowedIPs, pre-shared keys, and cutting-edge algorithms.

While WireGuard does a lot to improve your VPN speed, it’s not the only initiative that PureVPN has taken for better speeds. In 2019, the VPN brand upgraded most of its server network to 10 Gbps speed capacity. More recently, they’ve added 20 Gbps servers to their network in many key locations across Europe and the United States. This is being done while large amounts of virtual servers are being removed from their service, further prioritizing faster speeds.

WireGuard is now available now in the Windows and Android apps, with additional support for iOS and Mac coming soon. Existing users can start taking advantage of WireGuard immediately by enabling it in their settings menu.

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If you do not have a VPN service yet, this is a great opportunity to begin securing your internet traffic. Enjoy greater privacy online, while bypassing geo-restrictions, unlocking new streaming content, and blocking unwanted ads.

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